The Watcher


In the third block of my third year in IGAD I joined the team working on The Watcher. There were around 17 people working on this project at the time.


The watcher is a game designed to provide a narrative experience. The story is about Anna who is struggling with a depression. You as the player take control of the watcher and are guiding Anna through her life in order to overcome her depression.

The game is developed using the Amazon Lumberyard Engine.

You can download a demo on our website.


Leads: Art:
  • Arber Rama
  • Jitske Habekotté
  • Mariia Rukavytsia
  • Daokai Chen
  • Niki-Anna Sofia
  • Robin van Grinsven
  • Tim Kersten
  • Max van der Graaff
  • Luuk Prinsen
  • Reza Kuipers
  • Christian Vuye
  • Benjamin Drees
  • Steven Hendrikse
Narrative: Tech:
  • Thomas van den Akker
  • Matthew Wildman
  • Kaj Giesbers (me)
  • Jeroen Koevoets
  • Max Ossadtchii